Our Business

Our Business

We provide one-stop financial products and various services

that meet our customers’ needs, leveraging our position as

an independent financial services company and our strong

distribution network.

Since our establishment as an independent financial services company, we have built a robust sales network with accounting firms and financial institutions nationwide, offering a wide range of financial services to our customers.

In our first pillar, the Leasing Fund Business, we arrange and provide Japanese operating lease projects for aircraft, ships, and containers. In our second pillar, the Domestic Real Estate Fund Business, we offer real estate fractional ownership investment products for prime real estate in city centers by utilizing trust functions, and we are also involved in real estate development.

In our third pillar, the International Real Estate Fund Business, we provide attractive international real estate investment products in major U.S. cities, leveraging our securities capabilities. Furthermore, in recent years, we have expanded our operations beyond financial services, venturing into fields such as Aviation Business.

We will continue to leverage our advanced project arrangement capabilities and sales network to aim for the provision of products and services that truly satisfy our customers.

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