Financial Products Solicitation Policy

FPG has established the following solicitation policy pursuant to Act on Provision of Financial Services.

  1. We will comply with laws, ordinances and rules as well as this solicitation policy to ensure that our marketing practices are appropriate and sound.
  2. We will recommend and sell products suitably matched to the financial knowledge, transaction experience, asset status and investment purposes of our clients.
  3. We will properly and accurately explain product schemes, characteristics and risks and provide sufficient information for clients to fully comprehend material issues and thereby use their own judgment in selecting products and assume responsibility for their choices.
  4. We will not make announcements contrary to fact, will not push our opinions on clients, will not present information that could mislead clients, and will not misrepresent ourselves to our clients.
  5. We will not pursue sales at times or in places that inconvenience our clients.
  6. We will respond with all sincerity to clients’ inquiries and complaints regarding our solicitation practices and implement necessary actions to enhance our activities.
  7. We will strive to improve our knowledge and skills to attract the business of clients in an appropriate and sound manner, and we will set down in-house rules to be strictly followed.
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