Corporate Data

Corporate Philosophy

We will work for our clients as true professionals in the finance industry.

The requirements of a true professional

Must have high-level, specialized techniques
Must maintain a strict sense of ethics in using specialized techniques
Must apply all techniques with benefit to clients in mind

The underlying concept for these requirements parallels the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians to uphold certain ethical standards.

In recent years, investment in financial products has emerged as a vital approach to safe and efficient application of clients' assets. However, while the principle of self-responsibility has acquired greater weight in the investment process, the structure of today's financial products has become extremely complex and appropriate investment decisions are increasingly harder to make. Even financial products that have always been considered safe are making headlines as credit and market risks start to erode the stability of such investments. Consequently, investing in financial products these days requires decision-making ability that is more specialized and meticulous than before.

FPG was established to analyze a variety of risks that appear at the time of investment and, from a client perspective, provide the best possible products. Moving forward, as a group we will strive to be a one-stop provider of fully integrated financial services and continue to develop our business activities toward this end.