Basic Policy on Measures to Deal with Antisocial Forces

Financial Partners Group declares the following basic policy on measures to deal with groups or individuals who seek economic profit through violence, force and fraudulent means?known as “antisocial forces” in Japan. This policy reflects the Company’s resolute stance on preventing relationships with antisocial forces and eliminating any existing involvement for which the criminal status of groups or individuals was not known at the time of initial transaction.

  1. We will have absolutely no dealings whatsoever with antisocial forces.
  2. We will establish close cooperative ties with external specialists, including the police, the Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan (Crime Syndicates) and legal counsel, and will take appropriate action as an organization to avert damages caused by antisocial forces.
  3. We will never respond to improper requests by antisocial forces and will without second thoughts pursue legal action to maintain our stance.
  4. We will never engage in backroom deals to conceal misconduct or provision of funds or fringe benefits by us or to antisocial forces.
  5. We will ensure the safety of corporate officers and employees who deal with improper requests by antisocial forces.
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