Notice regarding the sponsorship of GROWTH FRONTIERS HONG KONG 2019


FPG Group (FPG, FPG Amentum, and FPG AIM) announced that FPG Group will be the Sponsor of GROWTH FRONTIERS HONG KONG 2019, hosted by Airline Economics, which will be held from November 4th to 6th, 2019 At the conference, FPG Group members will also join as a panelist.

The Conference is an important international conference with participation by many companies involved in the aircraft industry, and it is a valuable opportunity to exchange information and also to originate future projects.

FPG Group will contribute to the further development of the aircraft market by sponsoring important international aircraft conferences, while also enhancing the presence of the FPG Group in the industry and expanding business opportunities.

GROWTH FRONTIERS HONG KONG 2019 hosted by Airline Economics
URL: https://www.aviationnews-online.com/conferences/hongkong/